Research Projects

2016-Present    Lead Developer for Kaqchikel Online Dictionary Project, in collaboration with Ambrosia Chavez Cuma, responsible for developing and importing data into a searchable database, in addition to making and parsing native speaker audio recordings.

2016-Present    Linguist Consultant for Expressions of Transformations of Gender, Family, and Status in Eastern and Central Africa (500-1800 CE), in collaboration with Drs. Christine Saidi, Cymone Fourshey, and Rhonda Gonzalez, responsible for initial development and maintenance of a database with relevant historic, ethnographic, and linguistic information; funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

2015-2016    Research Assistant for Digitization of Volga German Texts, in collaboration with Dr. Yuri Yerastov, responsible for transcribing handwritten letters and assisting in development of a database with equivalent terms in Volga German, High German, and English; funded by the Kansas Humanities Council.

africa wordle.png

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